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Little House on the Prairie Episode Guide

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  • Michael Landon as Charles Philip Ingalls [ 1-8 ]
  • Karen Grassle as Caroline Quiner Holbrook Ingalls [ 1-8 ]
  • Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls-Wilder
  • Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Amelia Ingalls-Kendall
  • Lindsay Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls [ 1-8 ]
  • Sidney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls [ 1-8 ]
  • Brenda Turnbaugh as Grace Ingalls [ 5-8 ]
  • Wendi Turnbaugh as Grace Ingalls [ 5-8 ]
  • Matthew Laborteaux as Albert Quinn Ingalls [ 5-8 ]
  • Jason Bateman as James Cooper Ingalls [ 8 ]
  • Missy Francis as Cassandra Cooper Ingalls [ 8 ]
  • Dean Butler as Almanzo James Wilder [ 6-9 ]
  • Linwood Boomer as Adam Kendall [ 5-7 ]
  • Karl Swenson as Mr. Lars Hanson [ 1-4 ]
  • Richard Bull as Mr. Nels Oleson
  • Katherine MacGregor as Mrs. Harriet Oleson
  • Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson-Dalton [ 1-7 ]
  • Jonathan Gilbert as Willie Oleson
  • Allison Balson as Nancy Oleson [ 8-9 ]
  • Kevin Hagen as Dr. Hiram Baker
  • Dabbs Greer as Reverend Robert Alden
  • Charlotte Stewart as Miss Eva Beadle-Simms [ 1-4 ]
  • Victor French as Mr. Isaiah Edwards [ 1-3, 8-9 ]
  • Bonnie Bartlett as Grace Snider-Edwards [ 1-3 ]
  • Radames Pera as John, Jr. [ 2-3 ]
  • Kyle Richards as Alica Sanderson-Edwards [ 2-3 ]
  • Merlin Olsen as Jonathan Garvey [ 4-7 ]
  • Hersha Parady as Alice Garvey [ 4-6 ]
  • Patrick Labyorteaux as Andrew 'Andy' Garvey [ 4-7 ]
  • Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue Terhune [ 5-9 ]
  • Jim Jeter as Hans Dorfler [ 1-4 ]
  • Sam Edwards as Mr. Anderson [ 5-9 ]
  • Lucy Lee Flippin as Eliza Jane Wilder [ 6 ]
  • Steve Tracy as Percival Dalton [ 7 ]
  • Shannen Doherty as Jenny Wilder [ 9 ]
  • Stan Ivar as John Carter [ 9 ]
  • Pamela Roylance as Sarah Carter [ 9 ]
  • Ruth Foster as Mrs. Melinda Foster
  • Lindsay Kennedy as Jeb Carter [ 9 ]
  • David Friedman as Jason Carter [ 9 ]
  • Leslie Landon as Etta Plum [ 9 ]
  • Season One

    0. PREMIER MOVIE March 30, 1974
    Pilot movie to the legendary TV series "Little House On The Prairie", about the life of pioneer girl Laura Ingalls and her family. Laura (who is 9 years old) and her family - which includes her Pa, Charles; her Ma, Caroline; and her sisters, 11-year-old Mary and 2-year-old Carrie - move from the Little House in the Big Woods of Wisconsin to the prairies of Kansas. Settling about 50 miles west of Independence, Kan., the Ingalls set up home. It's there where the Ingalls meet Mr. Edwards, a bachelor who quickly becomes Laura's cherished friend. While on the prairie, the Ingalls must endure many hardships and life-threatening challenges, ranging from Indians to wild fires. In the end the Ingalls have to move because their house is on Indian Territory.

    1. A HARVEST OF FRIENDS September 11, 1974
    The Ingalls settle on the banks of Plum Creek in Walnut Grove. Charles must work very hard in order to prepare the farm, and takes on three jobs. When he is injured after a fall from a tree, it looks as if they might lose everything. O'Neill goes to get the Ingalls Oxen, which Charles put up for collatoral, and Laura and Mary rush to his side to help him. The men of Walnut Grove come to his aid, after seeing how unfeeling O'Neill was.

    2. COUNTRY GIRLS September 18, 1974
    Laura and Mary attend their first day of school in Walnut Grove. There they meet Nellie Oleson, who condescendingly refers to them as "country girls". Not having been to school before, Laura makes an extra effort with her studies. When she is unable to write the words for an essay about her Ma, she recites it directly from her heart.
    Comment: When viewing later episodes, it's amazing to see how much the will grow during the course of the series.

    3. THE 100 MILE WALK September 25, 1974
    Things are looking bright for the Ingalls until a hailstorm destroys their crops. Charles must leave his family to look for work and, along with some other farmers, ends up working in a quarry. Meanwhile, Caroline convinces the women in Walnut Grove to band together to harvest by hand what remains of their crops.

    4. MR. EDWARDS' HOMECOMING October 2, 1974
    In Mankato, Charles bumps into Mr. Edwards, who has just been thrown out of a saloon because of a brawl, and invites him to come to Walnut Grove. Caroline tries play matchmaker with Mr. Edwards and the widow Grace Snider but Mr. Edwards is able to charm Grace all by himself. However, a conflict arises because Mr. Edwards had renounce God since the deaths of his wife and daughter. Caroline convinces him to look towards the future rather than the past.
    Guest stars: Mitch Vogel as Johnny Johnson.

    5. THE LOVE OF JOHNNY JOHNSON October 9, 1974
    Laura has a case of puppy love with Johnny Johnson, a new student much older than Laura. Unfortunately for Laura, Johnny is interested in Mary. And though Mary is not interested in Johnny, Laura's actions create tension between the sisters.

    6. IF I SHOULD WAKE BEFORE I DIE October 23, 1974
    When her friend dies, Miss Amy convinces the Ingalls and Doc Baker to help her stage her own death. With her family always too busy to visit her, this was the only way for Miss Amy to see them again.

    7. TOWN PARTY, COUNTRY PARTY October 30, 1974z
    Laura becomes good friends with a lonely schoolmate, Olga, who has a minor disability because she was born with one leg shorter than the other. Without her father's permission, Charles helps Olga by building her an elevated shoe. Olga's father is upset at Charles when he finds out...until he sees Olga running and playing with the other children.
    Guest stars: Kim Richards as Olga.

    8. MA'S HOLIDAY November 6, 1974
    When Charles and Caroline go away for their second honeymoon, Mr. Edwards is left to take care of the children. The honeymoon is less than spectacular when Caroline is unable to stop thinking about the children. Meanwhile, Mr. Edwards has his hands full with Carrie, and nails her dress to the roof while he was repairing it. Mr. Edwards also makes his famous rattlesnake soup, much to the dismay of Laura and Mary.

    9. SCHOOL MOM November 13, 1974
    When Ms. Beadle sprains her ankle, Caroline substitutes for her at the school. Caroline takes a special interest in helping an older student, Abel, learn to read. However, her work is ruined when Mrs. Oleson disrupts the class. Caroline quits in frustration, but returns after she convinces Abel to go back to school.

    10. THE RACCOON November 20, 1974
    Charles allows Laura adopts a baby raccoon, Jasper, until it grew bigger. After being caged, Jasper bites Laura and Jack, and runs away. When it returns to kill a chicken, Charles kills it and discovers it was rabid. Jack is tied-up and Laura is confined to bed until it can be determined whether they have rabies. It turns out that the raccoon Charles killed was not Jasper, and Laura and Jack are alright.

    11. THE VOICE OF TINKER JONES December 4, 1974
    The town becomes divided when Mrs. Oleson offers to buy a bell for the church...including a plaque with the Oleson name. The differences and arguing begin to affect the schoolchildren. A mute craftsman, Tinker Jones, decides to settle the issue and gets the children to help him forge a bell. The town is surprised to hear the bell ringing on Sunday and learn a lesson about peace and goodwill from the children.

    12. THE AWARD December 11, 1974
    While studying for an academic contest in the barn, Mary accidentally knocks over a reading lamp and starts a fire. Caroline punishes Mary by forbidding her to participate in the contest and, afterwards, reluctantly enforces it.. Mary takes a part-time job at the mercantile to repay Ms. Beadle for a book damaged in the fire. Despite her job and chores, Mary continues to find time to study for the contest. In the end, she respect her Ma's wishes and does not participate in the contest.

    13. THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD (Two Hour Episode) December 18, 1974
    Summary: Caroline is pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy, Charles Ingalls Jr., who captures the attention of the family. Laura resents her baby brother because she believes she no longer has her Pa's affection. When the baby becomes seriously ill and dies, Laura believes it to be her fault because she didn't pray for her brother. After talking to Reverend Alden, Laura becomes determined to seek God and ask for a miracle. Blaming herself for her brother's death, Laura runs away from home. She wants to become "closer" to God and climbs the nearest mountain. There she meets a friendly hermit, Jonathan, (Ernest Borgnine) who takes care of her and guides her in her spiritual journey. Charles and Mr. Edwards are desperately searching for Laura and find clues leading to the mountain. When Laura realizes her Pa has found her, she tries to run but the Jonathan stops her and tells her that God wants her to be with her Pa.

    14. CHRISTMAS AT PLUM CREEK December 25, 1974
    The winter holiday is approaching and the members of the Ingalls family go about their holiday shopping in secrecy. Charles, Caroline, and Mary are able to find means to create or purchase gifts. Charles makes a saddle for Laura, and rebuilds some wagon wheels with the intention of buying Caroline a stove she wants. Both Mary and Caroline make Charles the same shirt, but Caroline hides the one she made so not to spoil Mary's surprise. Carrie buys a silver star for the top of the Christmas tree. Laura...well, she comes up with a plan. At Christmas, Caroline is surprised to receive an oven -- presumably from Charles, but, actually, from Laura. We learn that Laura traded her beloved horse, Bunny, to Mr. Oleson in order to buy the oven.

    15. FAMILY QUARREL January 5, 1975
    The bubble finally bursts when Nels and Harriet go their separate ways after an argument. The town attempts but fail to bring the two back together. It's only when Charles and Caroline are able to make them remember the better aspects of each other do they reconcile.

    16. DOCTOR'S LADY January 15, 1975
    Harriet's niece, Kate, visits Walnut Grove. She and Doc Baker spend time together and fall in love. Despite Doc Baker's reservations about his age, he and Kate decide to get married. Unfortunately, Doc Baker realizes that his fall years should not impede on Kate's spring, and, painfully, he lets her go.

    17. PLAGUE January 29, 1975
    An outbreak of typhus hits Walnut Grove. Doc Baker, Charles, and Reverend Alden set up quarantine in the church. Despite their attempts to control plague, it continues to spread. They are finally able to trace the source to a rat-infested cornmeal shed.

    18. CIRCUS MAN February 5, 1975
    A traveling sideshow performer, O'Hara, comes to Walnut Grove and delights the children with his tricks. However, Harriet Oleson almost loses her life when she refuses an operation in lieu of O'Hara's magic powder. O'Hara leaves but returns to "treat" Laura's dog, Jack, who is injured. And in doing so, he give Laura hope. When Jack recovers, O'Hara confesses to the children that his act was phony.

    19. CHILD IN PAIN February 12, 1975
    The town determines how to handle an alcholic father, John Stewart, who beats his son, Graham. Caroline takes in Graham while Charles stays with John and works him hard to help him stay sober. John is able to overcome his problem and realizes inner aspects about himself.

    20. MONEY CROP February 19, 1975
    A new farmer in Walnut Grove, Joe Colter, convinces the other farmers to switch from wheat to corn. On his way back from Minneapolis with the corn seeds, Joe's wagon overturns out of sight of the road, and he is trapped beneath it. Meanwhile, the farmers in Walnut Grove become suspicious when Joe is late to return, and they take their frustrations out on Joe's pregnant wife. Charles is able to find Joe, and bring him and their corn seed back safely to Walnut Grove. To make up for their poor behaviour, the farmers help an injured Joe by tending to his fields.

    21. SURVIVAL February 26, 1975
    The Ingalls, on their way home from Mankato, have to seek shelter from a raging blizzard. Meanwhile, the Marshall from Sleepy Eye is looking for a Sioux Indian, Jack Lamehorse. The Indian saves Charles who fell and his hurt while hunting. They reach the log cabin where the Ingalls have sought refuge from the storm, and they find the Marshall who intends to kill the Indian. The Indian, with Charles' help, escapes during the night, and Charles prevents the Marshall from killing him. The blizzard drags on and Charles realizes he will have to kill one of his horses for food, but the Indian returns with the deer Charles left in the snow when he was injured. The Marshall shoots the Indian, but regrets it after learning that the Indian was in fact going to save them all from starvation. When the Marshall's aides reach the cabin at the end of the storm, the Marshall tells them the Indian is nowhere to be found and they all go their seperate ways.

    22. TO SEE THE WORLD March 5, 1975
    Johnny Johnson's head gets filled with adventure by Mr Edwards, and after a quarrel with his father, Johnny decides to go out and see the world. Mr. Edwards tries to dissuade Johnny, but he doesn't give in. Mr. Edwards reluctantly lets Johnny get a ride to Sleepy Eye. Mr Edwards tries to find a way change Johnny's mind and stages a fixed pokergame so that Johnny will lose all his money. But Johnny wins a lot more money than expected. He falls in love with a waitress, Miss Mimi, who's supposed to be interested in him while he still has money and lose interest in him when his money dries out, in order to teach Johnny a lesson. Mr Edwards promises Miss Mimi some money if she can persuade Johnny to go back home to his father. She tells him that she made that mistake when she was younger and wishes she hadn't. She promises Johnny to go home to her old ailing parents only if Johnny promises to go home. He eventually returns after losing all his own and Mr. Edwards money.

    23. FOUNDER'S DAY May 7, 1975
    Competitive spirits are high for the contests held on Founder's Day, pitting members of the Ingalls family against members of the Oleson family. Despite his age, Jim Taylor boasts to be the best logger in town, and riles Charles for being a farmer in logger's clothing. Caroline Ingalls is up against Mrs. OIeson in the "Best Pie Contest", and Charles and Nels fall into a pool of mud during the Tug-of-War contest. Harriett and Nellie are up against Laura and Caroline in the Three-Legged Race., and Mary is in the Jump Rope Contest. On the day of the wood chopping competition, Jim Taylor's wife explains to Charles that Jim just wanted to be rocognized for his many hard years of work. To make the contest fair, Charles handicaps himself by using his old ax to make up the age differential, instead of his brand new one he bought especially for the contest, and Jim Taylor wins the contest.

    Season Two

    24. THE RICHEST MAN IN WALNUT GROVE September 10, 1975
    Lars Hanson is forced to close the mill due to bankruptcy, leaving Charles unable to pay his debt at the mercantile. Refusing to grovel to Harriet, he takes three jobs, including digging in the mud and shoveling horse manure while Mary leaves school to work as a seamstress, Laura does all the chores, and Caroline and Carrie tend to the farm. Charles comforts Laura when she becomes upset by Nellie's vicious teasing. The next time Nellie makes a comment, Laura gives her a big wallop that brings Nellie's aloft nose back to the ground. When the bill is paid, Nels is very proud of the Ingalls family and he says the he thinks that Charles is the richest man in Walnut Grove ... the richest in love.

    25. FOUR EYES September 17, 1975
    Mary is failing in school and Charles discovers that her poor performance is due to her poor eyesight. She is excited to receive eyeglasses until the children at school begin to tease her. Afraid of becoming an unwed spinster, she purposely loses her glasses. When she sees that her teacher, Ms. Beadle, who also wears glasses, has a handsome lawyer boyfriend, Mary realizes how silly she was acting. She retrieves her glasses and goes on to beat Nellie in a history contest.

    26. HAUNTED HOUSE September 24, 1975
    On a dare from Nellie, Laura approaches a haunted house and accidentally befriends the strange old man, Mr. Pike, who lives there. She learns that Mr. Pike has been waiting for his wife, Lily, to return home for twenty years. She later learns that Mrs. Pike has been dead all this time but that Mr. Pike refused to accept it. With Laura's help, Mr. Pike deals with the loss of his wife and comes to terms with it.

    27. IN THE BIG INNING October 1, 1975
    After a humiliating loss the previous year, Walnut Grove is confident about the upcoming baseball game with their new ace pitcher, Jebediah Mumford. So confident that there are wagers on the game. However, when Jebediah's very religious wife, Margaret finds out of the gambling, she forbids Jebediah to play. Caroline comes up with a compromise to donate the winning to the church fund if Jebediah could play. Baseball wackiness ensues leading to a big brawl with Walnut Grove winning the game on a inside-the-park grand-slam by Charles.

    28. THE CAMPOUT October 8, 1975
    Camping Oleson style! Mrs. Oleson, worried that the Ingalls children will better her Nellie and Willie in a leaf-gathering project for school, decides to accompany the Ingalls on a campout. Not used to roughing it, the Olesons make it a miserable time for everyone. Laura leads the Oleson'ss to a poison ivy patch. Harriet and Willie get poison ivy and Nellie falls into the river.

    29. THE SPRING DANCE October 29, 1975
    Laura and Grace Snider share a common problem: getting a particular person to ask them to the spring dance. Laura wants to invite Henry Sanderson to the Spring Dance, but he is not at all interested in girls. Grave Snider wants to go with Isiah Edwards but he doesn't seem interested either. Laura makes a deal with Willie to get her schoolmate, Henry, jealous. Meanwhile, Grace uses Doc Baker to get Mr. Edwards jealous. Their respective plan backfires on them and they end up asking the men to the dance.

    30. REMEMBER ME (Part One) November 5, 1975
    The Ingalls' neighbor, the widow Julia Sanderson, learns that she is going to die. She asks Charles to make sure that her three children find a good home. Despite the solemn situation, Julia refuses to succumb to sadness and makes the most of the few days she has left. And when she dies, her last words to her children and friends are for them to remember her with joy not sadness.
    Note: Henry Sanderson suddenly becomes Carl Sanderson.
    Comment: Introduces John Jr., Carl, and Alicia Sanderson, reoccurring characters.

    31. REMEMBER ME (Part Two) November 12, 1975
    Charles has a difficult time finding a home for Julia Anderson's three orphaned children. Reluctantly, he decides to separate them to different families. Mr. Edwards, who has been helping Grace Snider take care of the children in the interim, doesn't want the children to suffer from being separated and realizes his own pain from being alone. He decides he doesn't want to be alone any longer....he asks Grace to marry him and they adopt all three children.

    32. EBENEZER SPRAGUE November 19, 1975
    Walnut Grove now has a bank, built by Hansen and Charles. The new banker, Mr. Ebenezer Sprague, is a cold and unfriendly man who believes everyone has a hidden agenda. He refuses a loan to Charles and refuses to make a donation intended to buy new books for the school. Laura unknowingly befriends Mr. Sprague while fishing but when he finds out her name, he believes Charles has sent her to persuade him to give her father the loan. But Laura was simply looking for a friend. Charles pays Sprague a visit and tells him he feels sorry for him because he has no friends and cannot give or take anything but money. Later on, a big box of new books arrive at the school from an unknown donor. But Laura knows it came from Mr. Sprague, who loosens up a little and becomes more likable.

    33. AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW December 10, 1975
    While fishing in a stream, Laura and her friend think they've found gold. Laura is excited by the thought of all the wonderful things she would be able to buy for her family. They spends several weeks sifting the stream for gold in secrecy. Laura has fantasies of Walnut Grove becoming Ingallsville because of her wealth and she dreams of riding in a white horse drawn carriage wearing a fancy white dress. She also dreams of living in a beautiful white castle. When they try to cash in, they learn it's fool's gold.

    34. THE GIFT December 17, 1975
    The children have collected some money to buy Reverend Alden a nice birthday present. The only ones not to chip in are Willie and Nellie, who,according to their mother are "different from all the other kids" (Youbetcha!). They want to buy a beautiful leather bound Bible. The rest of thekids have $ 1.67 and Mary is in charge of choosing the present and ordering it. Laura has an idea that would allow them to buy an expensive Bible for the Reverend. They buy a set of homeopathic medecine that they try to sell and earn money with. Unfortunately, they can't sell any, and are stuck with the bottles of medicine, minus a couple that they broke or lost. They are forced to go see the Reverend, explain the situation and gave him the box containing the bottles of medicine. Sunday, at Mass, the Reverend tells thecongregation that he has one Bible that he cherishes above anything else,a very old Bible given to him by his father. It's the only one he uses (hint to the Olesons who were going to give him the superb leather bound Bible. he then thanks all the children for giving him...a wooden box to put his Bible in and protect it.

    35. HIS FATHER'S SON January 7, 1976
    John Sanderson, who was adopted by Mr and Mrs Edwards, is more of a poet than a farmer and is always lost in his books. Isaiah would like him to be different. He buys him a Winchester '73 for his birthday. Unfortunately,John doesn't like guns or hunting but doesn't want to hurt Isaiah. He gives him a letter, explaining why he does not want to go hunting. Isaiah "reads"it but doesn't react, leaving John thinking that he doesn't love him and doesnot care about his feelings. While hunting, they run into a bear, but John freezes and doesn't kill it. He runs home to get help, leaving Mr Edwards ina pool of blood. Afterwards, John feels guilty and is certain that Isaiah doesn't love him because of his lack of reaction to the letter. But he finds out that Isiah cannot read, and thus did not understand what was written on the letter. He reads it to him, and they finally understand each others intentions, and John realizes he does love him very much.

    36. THE TALKING MACHINE January 14, 1976
    Jason, a handsome young man, is very interested in new technologies, and in electricity, and Laura often helps him with his inventions. He flies kites with keys. Laura and Nellie are both infatuated with him and are trying to get his attention. Laura is jealous of Nellie because she feels Nellie can get anything she wants with her money. (Except friends, as Nels points out.) Nellie is furious because Jason accepted an invitation from Laura to have dinner with them. Nellie decides to get even, and uses a talking machine which records peoples voices. She gets Laura to her room and makes her talk about Jason, about how they are going to become scientists together and such, while Willie is secretly recording. Laura tells Nellie that she's in love with Jason and is even thinking about marriage. Nellie lets the whole class listen to the recording and Laura, ashamed, runs to her hiding place. She doesn't dare face Jason anymore. When she finally does, in school, she realizes that Jason feels the same for her.

    37. THE PRIDE OF WALNUT GROVE January 28, 1976
    Mary has earned the right to compete in a state wide math competition in Minneapolis but Charles can't afford to pay for the hotel and the train tickets. The Town Council decides to pay those costs because Mary will be representing Walnut Grove. Laura, who's jealous of Mary because she thinks she's much better than herself in many aspects. Charles decides to give Laura responsibilities in the house while Ma is away with Mary. She does her best to do everything right, and so does Mary, in Minneapolis. Laura does not succeed in everything she does (cooking, sewing, etc.) and Mary finishes second in the competition. She feels that she let down the whole town because she didn't finish first, but they don't really mind because she did the best she could, and she retuns home to a hero's welcome.

    38. A MATTER OF FAITH February 4, 1976
    Pa and the girls go on a trip and leave Ma alone at the house so she can finish baking pies for the church fair. She notices a little scratch on her leg but doesn't think much of it. That scratch seems to exhaust her and gets more serious. At night, she has to go outside to bring the cow back in the barn and she collapses under the rain. The wound gets more and more serious and she keeps fainting. Reverend Alden and Mrs. Foster come over to pick her up but the door is closed. He thinks she's left the house when in fact, she's right behind the door, in pain. He sees Charles and they both wonder what's up with Caroline, and Charles rushes back home. In the meantime, we think Caroline is ready to cut off her foot or part of her leg as she had read in the Bible. In fact, she was lancing her leg to make the infection go away. After a good hard prayer, and with the help of Doc Baker, the family manages to keep the Lord from calling Caroline by His side.

    39. THE RUNAWAY CABOOSE February 11, 1976
    Mary, Laura, and Mr. Edwards' adopted son, Carl, accompany Charles and Edwards to the train depot in Springfield. The children wander into a caboose that starts to roll downhill. Mr. Edwards rides to a rail switch to divert that train uphill but does not make it on time. Charles rides to catch up with a train from Sleepy Eye on a collision course with the caboose. He is able to board the train in time for it to reverse course and slow down the caboose.

    40. TROUBLEMAKER February 25, 1976
    Ms. Beadle has trouble maintaining order in the classroom when the older students return to school after harvest season. The school board decides to hire a new teacher, Hannibal Applewood, to handle the problem. Applewood develops a dislike for Laura and she unjustly bears the brunt of his quick temper. When Charles sees Applewood's behavior in class, he calls a school board meeting. When his methods are questioned, Applewood explodes into a ramble about order and then resigns. Charles convince Ms. Beadle to return to school with the promise that children would behave.

    41. THE LONG ROAD HOME March 3, 1976
    Charles and Mr. Edwards take a job delivering explosives along with two other men, Murphy and Henry Hill. On their trek, they deal with road obstructions, bandits, animosity between Murphy (who is white) and Henry (who is black), and, of course, possibly getting blown up by the nitroglycerin. At the end, the men share a bond from their experience.

    42. FOR MY LADY March 10, 1976
    Charles takes a job refinishing woodwork for the lovely, young, widow Thurman in exchange for a set of fine china. He tries to keep it a secret to surprise Caroline and has to tell a few white lies. Caroline and the girls hear conflicting stories and suspects the worst -- that Charles is having an affair with the widow Thurman. Their fears are laid to rest when Charles surprises Caroline with the china.

    43. CENTENNIAL March 17, 1976
    A property tax increase causes turmoil in Walnut Grove which threatens the Independence Day celebration. Charles' co-worker at the mill, Yuri, a recent Russian immigrant loses his property when he unable to pay. Despite his misfortune, Yuri is still happy to be in America and explains to the town that in Russia there are no freedoms under the czar's rule. For all its' faults, America is still the best place to live.

    44. SOLDIER'S RETURN March 24, 1976
    Ganville Whipple, the son of Mrs. Whipple, the town seamstress, returns home to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War. He is still haunted by memories of the war. His best friend, Roy, died when Ganville ran away and hit instead of fighting witht he rest of the troops. When his best friends son, Roy Jr. sees him, he begins asking questions, which brings back haunting memories of leaving Roy Sr. on his deathbed. He begins giving music lessons, and gives Mary free lessons on his toy piano in exchange for her writing out music sheets for him. When Ganville later needs morphine, which he began taking in the war, Doc Baker refuses. Later that night he goes back and steals it. Wen he relives the experience of leaving Roy Sr., he overdoses on morphine.

    45. GOING HOME March 31, 1976
    After a tornado destroys his crop, Charles decides to sell the land to a couple who previously owned the land, and return to the Big Woods of Wisconsin. Mary and John Jr. (Edwards' adopted son) share their first kiss when they express their love for one another before she leaves. After reminiscing about their time in Walnut Grove, Charles realizes that he made the decision without considering the rest of the family. The older couple sees the Ingalls really wants to stay, and change their mind about buying the property. With their support, he gains the strength to try again and decides to stay in Walnut Grove.

    Season Three

    46. THE COLLECTION September 27, 1976
    On his way to Walnut Grove to collect donations, Reverend Alden becomes ill. He is rescued by Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-con, who volunteers to help him. While Caleb's wife, Mattie, tends to the Reverend, Caleb goes to Walnut Grove, posing as a colleague of Reverend Alden's to collect donations ... with the intentions of keeping all the money for himself. However, after participating in acts of kindness, Caleb has a change of heart and does the right thing with the money.

    47. I'LL RIDE THE WIND October 4, 1976
    Mary and Mr. Edward's oldest son, John are deeply in love, they want to be married. There is only one problem. John has gotten a scholarship to college to become a writer. John is afraid to leave Mary because she will change while he is gone, and Mary doesn't want him to go. Although Mary is only thirteen, the Ingalls reluctantly agree to let her marry. Mr. Edwards is exciting and begins plotting out land where John and Mary can live. However, in the end, they both realize that John must take the scholarship because writing is his dream, and he won't be him without it.

    48. THE RACE October 4, 1976
    Laura and her horse, Bunny, are the favorites to win the horse race at the town fair. However, Harriet has no intention of letting Laura win; she purchases a thoroughbred, Sparks, for Nellie to ride and offers her family's large silver cup as the trophy. On the day of the race, Bunny is exhausted after riding to fetch Doc Baker. It appears Laura will have to forfeit but there's no keeping a good horse down. The race is close but Laura and Bunny win. Laura graciously returns Harriet's family heirloom.

    49. BUNNY October 18, 1976
    When a horse riding accident paralyzes Nellie, Harriet blames Laura and wants to have the horse, Bunny, destroyed. Laura is able to hide Bunny from Mrs. Oleson for a while. Though it wasn't her fault, Laura still feels guilty and services Nellie's wishes. When Laura discovers Nellie was faking her injuries, Laura decides to take Nellie outside for some fresh air, and takes her to the top of the hill. Then, with a push by Laura, Nellie rolls all the way down the hill into the creek, where Nellie stands up shrieking, forgetting her "paralysis". Laura is praised by Harriet Oleson for helping Nellie miraculously recover. Nels returns Bunny to Laura.

    50. THE MONSTER OF WALNUT GROVE November 1, 1976
    On Halloween, Laura accidentally sees Nels chop off a dolls head. She had only seen the back of the head, so she believes it to be Mrs. Oleson. Her friend, Carl, who is the only person to believe Laura, helps her search for evidence to solve the crime. Meanwhile, Mrs. Oleson has gone away so the two really think that she has been murdered. When they tell Nellie and Willie, they don't believe them, but decide to scare Laura and Carl by saying that their father has been digging in the cellar. One night the children meet in the cellar. Nellie and Willie scare Laura and Carl, and while they are running out of the store, Mrs. Oleson comes home and everything is cleared up.

    51. JOURNEY IN THE SPRING (Part One) November 15, 1976
    When Charles' mother dies, his father, Lansford Ingalls, loses the will to live. Charles brings his father back to Walnut Grove hoping it will do him some good. Spending time with his grandchildren helps Lansford recover. One day, Laura becomes angry with her grandfather after there is an accident with her horse, Bunny, He promised Laura Bunny would live and he was forced to put Bunny down when the injury was too bad. Feeling bad, Lansford leaves Walnut Grove. Realizing her anger was misplaced, Laura is able to find her grandfather and convinces him to return home with her..

    52. JOURNEY IN THE SPRING (Part Two) November 22, 1976
    (See above)

    53. FRED November 29, 1976
    On the way home from school one day, Laura is conned into taking a billy goat, named Fred. During the first night at the Ingalls farm, Fred eats the crop, so Charles tells Laura that she must get rid of the goat. However, trying to place the goat with either Mr. Edwards, Reverend Alden, Mrs. Olsen, or Doc Baker all result in very funny moments. When Laura finally finds a home for Fred, she realizes that he is better off with other goats in the wild, allowing him to set him free.

    54. THE BULLY BOYS December 6, 1976
    There is a new family in Walnut Grove ... the Galinders. They are three brothers, with a really bad attitude. They start in the store and buy supplies, then the lumberyard to fix their house. They say that they have money due Friday. When it doesn't arrive, the town gets angry. Charles gets beat up when he protects Caroline from the two men, and the whole school gets together to teach the third young bully a lesson. Reverand Alden is the man that decides that the Galinders must leave, so during church one Sunday the three are kicked out of Walnut Grove.

    55. THE HUNTERS December 20, 1976 (Ninety minute episode)
    Pa decides to go hunting, and Laura follows against Ma's wishes. When Pa and Laura are preparing the camp, Laura accidently stumbles over Pa's gun, which goes off, seriously wounding Pa. Laura runs to Ben's house, but only Ben's blind father, Sam, is home. As Laura doesn't know how to return to Walnut Grove, she has to depend on Sam, who fears leaving the house. But as Sam was not blind when he was younger, he and Laura set out, and after losing their way several times, they manage to find the place where Mr. Edward's was waiting for Pa and Laura. They save Pa, and Sam, who has given up walking around due to his blindness, gets back his courage and confidence.

    56. BLIZZARD January 3, 1977
    One winter day, before Christmas vacation, the children are at school. Miss. Beatle realizes that a storm is brewing, and lets the school children out early so that they all can make it home before the storm starts. The storm starts before the children can reach home, and Mary, Laura, and Carrie are caught in it, along with other children. They set up camp in an old barn. The men in the town search for the children while Doc Baker sets up shop in the church to help the frozen children as they each come in. One man goes outside and finds a boy who came home by himself, but his Pa dies in the snow.

    57. LITTLE GIRL LOST January 10, 1977
    When Laura and Mary receive the assignment to collect bugs for studying, Carrie wants to go with them. Mary becomes upset and yells at Carrie to stay on the log after Carrie lets out all of Mary's bugs. Instead, Carrie chases a butterfly, and falls into an old mine's air shaft. Meanwhile, Mr. Hanson refuses to hire an ex-miner Mr. Laudy because of his addiction to alcohol and the fact that he had married Mr. Hanson's daughter against his will. The whole town pitches in to help get Carrie out of the shaft, but it is Mr. Laudy that actually finds Carrie before the whole mine caves in, showing Mr. Hanson that he should be forgiven.
    Guest stars: Mr. Laudy is played by John Ireland.

    58. QUARANTINE January 7, 1977
    Mr. Edwards takes Doc Baker to help a neighbouring town with an epidemic case of fatal mountain fever. Upon Mr. Edwards return, Walnut Grove is placed under quarantine. Mr. Edwards adopted daughter, Alicia becomes ill with mountain fever, and he knows he brought it to her, as he was also the carrier when his first wife and child got sick and died. Mr. Edwards takes her to his hunting cabin to tend to her. Laura doesn't realize the seriousness of the illness and enters the cabin. When she comes down with spots, the mountain fever symptom, she quarantines herself with Mr. Edwards and Alicia, and ends up tending both of them when Mr. Edwards collapses from exhaustion. In the end, Mr. Edwards daughter recovers, and Laura simnply had a case of poison ivy.

    59. LITTLE WOMEN January 24, 1977
    Miss Beatle thinks that it is a good idea for the school to put on plays in small groups. In Laura and Mary's group is Ginny Clark, who doesn't have a father. Ginny's mother, Della, would like to date the wood man, but she feels that she doesn't look good enough. Wanting her mother to be able to date, Ginny cuts her beautiful hair to sell it in order to buy her mother a dress. Her mother doesn't know how she got the money, and punishes her, believing she stole the money. No one realizes it until during the play that Ginny has actually cut her hair like in the play that they are performing... Little Women.

    60. INJUN KID January 31, 1976
    Joseph Stokes, also known as Spotted Eagle, the son of a Sioux Indian father and a white mother, moves to Walnut Grove with his widowed mother to live with his grandfather, Jeremy. Jeremy is ashamed that his daughter willingly married an Indian and treats Joseph with contempt. At school, Joseph is harassed by the bullies. It is not until Joseph shows courage under adversity when beaten up by the bulllies does Jeremy stand up for him and accept Spotted Eagle as his grandson.

    61. TO LIVE WITH FEAR (Part One) February 14, 1977
    Mary needs an immediate operation, so Charles leaves the farm to take a high paying job in explosives.

    62. TO LIVE WITH FEAR (Part Two) February 21, 1977
    Charles risks his own life, and the lives of his crew by rushing a tunnel dynamiting job.

    63. THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON March 7, 1977
    Slavery has just been abolished by the Civil War, but many, both white and black people are still sticking to their old ways. Solomon Henry is a black boy of eleven who decides that he is sick of being a Negro. He wants to be white and go to school. Solomon runs away, and starts living with the Ingalls family. He teaches the family about slavery and also teaches Laura not to take things for granted. Solomon ends up being proud of his family and goes back to work on his families farm.
    Comment: Solomon mentions many interesting ideas to think about. Such as, if it was the late 1800's, would you like to be black and live to 100, or white and live to be 50.
    Guest stars: Solomon is played by Todd Bridges.

    64. THE MUSIC BOX March 14, 1977
    Many new things have been happening to the Walnut Grove students. Nellie has started a club and Laura has a new friend, Olga. Olga has a speech problem. While at Nellie's, Laura takes a music box that she didn't think Nellie cared about. When Nellie catches Laura with the music box, Nellie decides that she will either tell, or make Laura do what ever she wants. Laura must help with her chores, be in the club even though she doesn't want to be, and she must also be mean to Olga. When Laura can't live with Nellie's bossiness anymore, she tells her father, and gives back the music box. Olga and Laura become best friends once again.

    65. THE ELECTION March 21, 1977
    The school house is having an election! There is two boys and two girls running. One of the boys, Elmer Dobkins running is not very popular. He didn't want to run, but one of the other boys nominated him (PB). The PB realized that the election was going to be girls against boys and that the girls were splitting their votes between the two running and the guys wouldn't split their votes because no one would vote for Elmer. Elmer is picked on a lot during the election, but he ends up winning. In the girls election, both Nellie and Mary are vying for position of Class President.

    66. GOLD COUNTRY April 4, 1977 (Two hour episode)
    Ruined crops force Charles and his family to leave Walnut Grove and try their luck in the gold camps, where Charles gets gold fever.

    Season Four

    67. CASTOFFS September 12, 1977
    Laura's dog Jack dies, and Charles buys her a new dog, Bandit to ease her loneliness. Bandit follows her everywhere, but Laura resents the dog as she feels she cannot love any other dog than Jack. One day Laura visits with Aunt Kezia who lives on the outskirts of town and always feels lonesome because most of the adults in town don't seem to want to be friends with her. It is then that Laura realizes that she actually loves Bandit. After that, they become good friends.

    68. TIMES OF CHANGE September 19, 1977
    Charles and Mary take their first trip to Chicago, and it turns into a real disapointment when they learn about real life in the big city.

    69. MY ELLEN September 26, 1977
    One hot day after school, Laura and Mary invite one of their friends, Ellen, to go swimming. While playing hide and seek from the boys, Ellen is swept under the water by the current, and she drowns. Laura feels very guilty, so one afternoon, she decides to take flowers to Ellen's mother Eloise. Eloise has been in denial about the whole death and she thinks that Laura is Ellen, so she takes her in and locks her in the basement for days, pretending that Laura is Ellen, such as making her call her "ma". It is not until Eloise goes to the store to buy a birthday present for "Ellen" that Laura is found, and Eloise starts to realize the death.

    70. THE HANDYMAN October 3, 1977
    As Charles is working on the addition to the house he is called away to make an emergency delivery to Mancato, causing him to leave the house with a hole. Caroline hires an attractive young gentleman Chris Nelson to finish the house. Mary becomes suspicious of the gentleman when she finds him wearing Charles shirt, and when she sees him grab her ma. The grab was actually to keep Caroline from falling in the water. Mary and Caroline have a huge fight and the mess is straightened out. Chris leaves when he realizes the trouble he has caused, but Mary tells him to stay. By the time Charles returns they are great friends.

    71. THE WOLVES October 17, 1977
    While Charles and Caroline are away, Laura and her friend Andy find baby wolves near their tree house. They set up a pen for them in the Ingalls barn. While feeding them one afternoon, the barn is surrounded by hundreds of wolves. They stay in the barn until Andy's father and a few other men come and shoot them all.

    72. THE CREEPER OF WALNUT GROVE October 24, 1977
    A series of petty thefts has the citizens of Walnut Grove mystified. When Laura and her friend Andy Garvey turn into amateur super-sleuths to track down the culprit, their imaginative detective tactics sorely try the patience of several townspeople - including Laura's father.

    73. TO RUN AND HIDE October 31, 1977
    After a patient dies, Doc Baker suffers overwhelming dissatisfaction with his chosen profession and decides to retire. But he soon realizes the doctor he brought in does not care about his patients, so Doc Baker decides to delay his retirement.

    74. THE AFTERMATH November 7, 1977
    The infamous and notoriously dangerous Jesse James and his brother Frank hide out in Walnut Grove diguised as wealthy businessmen. None of the townspeople suspects the newcomers' true identity until a posse of bounty hunters rides into town, and the desperate outlaws take hostages to effect their escape.

    75. THE HIGH PRICE OF BEING RIGHT November 14, 1977
    After Jonathan Garvey's barn burns to the ground with all the year's harvest inside, he feels his manhood s threatened when his wife, Alice, begins to work at the post office. Jonathan's pride would rather he divorce than allow Alice to support the family.

    76. THE FIGHTER November 21, 1977 (Ninety Minute Episode)
    Charles enters a boxing fight, only to have his extremely ill opponent almost die.

    77. MEET ME AT THE FAIR November 28, 1977
    The Ingalls family travells to a nearby town for the annual fair. An exhausted Carrie decides to nap in the basket of a hot-air balloon, which is set free to the sky by Mary's spiteful suitor.

    78. HERE COME THE BRIDES December 5, 1977
    Adam Simms and his son Luke move to Walnut Grove. Adam falls for Eva Beadle, and Luke for Nellie Oleson. Adam marries Miss Beadle, and Nellie and Luke elope, much to her parent's horror. The pair only stay married for an hour, when the Oleson's come to her rescue.

    79. FREEDOM FLIGHT December 12, 1977
    An American Indian boy arrives in Walnut Grove seeking medical attention for his ill father. When the townspeople become hostile, Charles helps the small band of peaceful Indians escape.

    80. THE RIVALS January 9, 1978
    Charles and Laura must each deal with a competitor, he for the welfare of his business, and she for the love of a boy, Jimmy Hill who is her fishing partner.

    81. WHISPER COUNTRY January 16, 1978
    Mary takes a teaching position in a backwoods community, but find the leader of the community, Miss Peal, against her and her teaching. Miss Peal cannot read, which is why she resents the children of the community learning to read, as Miss Peal will not be able to have the same control over them.

    82. I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER January 23, 1978
    On their wedding anniversary, Charles is delayed by a broken wagon wheel in the rain. Meanwhile Caroline and the girls ready the house for the anniversary celebration, and Caroline recalls how she and Charles fell in love.
    Guest stars: Matthew Laborteaux as young Charles Ingalls

    83. BE MY FRIEND January 30, 1978 (Ninety minute epsidoe)
    Laura discivers a note in a bottle while down at the river. When Laura tries to find the person who sent the note, she finds a baby instead. She tells Charles who decides to look for the mother and her boyfriend, while Laura cares for the infant. When Charles finds the young parents, her father starts a fight, which results in the house being set ablaze. The mother gets her baby from Laura, and the parents decide to start over.

    84. THE INHERITANCE February 6, 1978
    Friends and neighbours advise Charles on how to spend an inheritance he has received from a wealthy relative. But Charles faces the loss of the farm when he spends the money prematurely, as the money turns out to be confederate money.

    85. THE STRANGER February 20, 1978
    Mrs. Oleson's wealthy but unloved nephew is sent to Walnut Grove to develop a sense of values after being expelled from school. He then learns about love from the Ingalls family, as he works for Charles to earn money to replace the window he broke at the mercantile.

    86. A MOST PRECIOUS GIFT Feb 27, 1978
    When Caroline is pregnant, she sees a fortune teller who reveals the baby she is carrying is indeed a boy. She drives Charles crazy by constantly referring to the bay as 'he'. When Caroline gives birth much sooner than expected, Charles is forced to take on the roll of midwife. All is forgotten about the baby being a 'he' when Grace, a beautiful baby girl, is born.

    87. I'LL BE WAVING AS YOU DRIVE AWAY (Part One) March 6, 1978
    Charles takes Mary to a specialist when her eyesight starts to get worse, and the Ingalls suffer when Mary goes permanently blind.

    88. I'LL BE WAVING AS YOU DRIVE AWAY (Part Two) March 13, 1978
    Mary becomes increasingly bitter because of her frustration over her blindness. Charles enrolls Mary into a school for the blind in Iowa, hopeful that it will help her. Mary is reluctant to stay, but ends up changing her mind when she meets her new teacher, Adam Kendall. Mary and Adam fall in love and make plans to meet in Winoka where they both will be teaching at the new school for the blind.

    Season Five

    89. AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER (Part One) September 11, 1978
    The Ingalls move to be closer to Mary, where she helps teach the younger blind students.

    90. AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER (Part Two) September 18, 1978
    Laura catches an orphan stealing from the hotel they live and work in. This episode introduces the orphan Albert Quinn.

    91. THE WINOKA WARRIORS September 25, 1978
    The father of a blind student gains self confidence when he is talked into being quarterback in a very unusual football game.

    92. THE MAN INSIDE October 2, 1978
    Laura meets a new girl at school, Amelia, who has an overweight father she is ashamed of. Laura and some of the other students, not knowing the man is Amelia's father, make fun of him in front of her. When Laura discovers the truth she apologizes, but Amelia denies the man is her father. Her father finds out how ashamed she is of him, so he tells his family he is leaving to work on the railroad. He ends up taking refuge in the blind school. Laura still believes the man is really Amelia's father and when he is in an accident, Laura reveals her suspicions to her father. Charles then goes to the family to inform them of the accident. They rush to his aid, and Amelia tells her father how sorry she is.

    93. THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Part One) October 9, 1978
    The Ingalls, Oleson's, and Garvey's decide to return to Walnut Grove, the Ingalls taking the orphan Albert Quinn with them.

    94. THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Part Two) October 16, 1978
    (see above)

    95. FAGIN October 23, 1978
    Laura is jealous when Charles spends all his time helping Albert, his adopted son, about how to raise a newborn calf. When Albert overhears Charles and Caroline discussing Laura's jealousy, he decides to run away. When Laura shows he calf at the fair and she winds first place, she reveals that she owes the honour to her "brother" Albert, who was the one who prepared the calf for the show. Albert is secretly watching from behind a gate, and Charles sees him and chases him down. Charles convinces Albert that the family loves him and everthing works out.

    96. HARRIET'S HAPPENINGS October 30, 1978
    Harriet Oleson begins a newspaper column entitled "Harriet's Happenings". It starts well, until she starts to write prejudiced things about a local German family. Finally Revered Alden steps in, and tells Harriet to read the German bible. It is then that Harriet realizes that the German family is not any different than all the other families in Walnut Grove.

    97. THE WEDDING November 6, 1978
    When Mary decides to marry Adam, her parents begin talking about having grandchildren, and about how rambunctious Mary was when she was young. Mary begins having second thoughts, afraid that with them both blind they won't be able to care for a child, as the child could run off and they would have a hard time keeping track. Mary decides to call of the wedding. When a huge dust storm arises and one of the blind students does not make it back to the school, Mary and Adam go out to find her. After finding the student, Mary realizes she is more capable that she thought. The wedding goes on and they are happily married by Reverend Alden.

    98. MEN WILL BE BOYS November 13, 1978
    Jonathan and Charles follow their sons to Sleepy Eye without their knowlege. But the fathers learn an embarassing lesson when their sons are able to fend for themselves with more success.

    99. THE CHEATERS November 20, 1978
    Andy Garvey, the schoolteacher's son, does consistently poor schoolwork, to his mother's humiliation. In desperation, Mrs. Garvey agrees to let Nellie Oleson, her star pupil, tutor him. At their first tutoring session, Nellie reveals that she cheats on tests and then blackmails Andy into keeping her secret.

    100. BLIND JOURNEY (Part One) November 27, 1978
    Charles leads a group of twenty-five blind students through the woods to their new school in Walnut Grove. Harriet is eager to go with Charles to pick up the children because she hears about their teacher, who isn't blind, Hester-Sue Terhune. Harriet says the name Terhune is very prominent and it must be a sophisticated woman with a great upbringing. She buys new dresss and even wears a wig. But when she meets Hester-Sue she is very dissapointed to discover she is black. In the end it takes the words of a little blind black boy to teache her that prejudice is wrong, and Harriet becomes nicer.

    101. BLIND JOURNEY (Part Two) December 4, 1978
    (see above)

    102. THE GODSISTER December 18, 1978
    Charles and Jonathan Garvey leave Walnut Grove for a month to work for a telephone company, putting up poles between Springfield and Sleepy Eye. Carrie is lonely while he is away, and creates an imaginary friend, Elissa, who is her alter ego. Suddenly Carrie's lonely hours become exciting adventures, and she relives her dream almost every day until her Pa returns.

    103. THE CRAFTSMAN January 8, 1979
    Albert Ingalls learns a painful lesson about prejudice when he becomes the apprentice of 80-year-old Isaac Singerman, the only Jew in Walnut Grove. Though young Albert is branded a "Jew-lover" and beaten up by local boys,he refuses to turn his back on the old woodcarver, who teaches him the value of pride and tradition.

    104.BLIND MAN'S BUFF January 15, 1979
    A boy pretends to become blind in an effort to keep his parents from getting a divorce.

    105. DANCE WITH ME January 22, 1979
    Albert and Laura decide to play matchmaker for the dance.

    106. THE SOUND OF CHILDREN February 5, 1979
    The Ingalls are filled with joy when Mary announces she is expecting a baby. Then Adam's father arrives, who offers them a chance to move to the city. Adam has never been close to his father, but his father offers him a chance to work for his lawfirm. They decide to go, until it is discovered that the only reason he wanted them to come was because of the baby Mary was carrying. After Mary miscarries, Adam's father no longer wants them to come, and Mary and Adam decide they are happier in Walnut Grove anyway.

    107. THE LAKE KEZIA MONSTER February 12, 1979
    Kezia is a new friend of Laura and Albert. While they are visiting her at her home, Mrs. Oleson arrives and says that she has just bought the land. Laura and Albert tell Nellie and Willie a terrible story about how the lake on the property contains the Loch Ness monster. They start haunting them and biting their feet in the water and making load noises at night, but the best joke of all is when Laura, Albert, and Andy dress up as a big monster and scare them off the property.

    108. BARN BURNER February 19, 1979
    The town faces growing problems with the poor wheat prices. The town bigot goes to the Garvey home after Jonathan embarrasses him, but Andy is there alone. He gets mad and hits Andy, causing him to lose consciousness. The bigot then gets scared and runs away. When Andy comes to, he grabs a lantern and saddles up his horse to find his father. He finds Jonathan and they return to the house to find the barn burning. Their family, and the whole town, believe the bigot set the fire and a trail is held, even though he pleads his innocence. But Andy finds a broken lantern in the remains of the burnt barn and begins to wonder if he accidentily set the fire that night. In the end he tells the judge that the fire might have been his own fault, and the bigot is found innocent.

    109. THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE February 26, 1979
    The Ingalls are thrilled when Mary begins to distinguish light from dark, and they believe that she is getting her sight back. But the "light" Mary sees turns out to be a brain reflex when she knows she's near a window. Laura and Albert have been fixing up Mr. Edwards old cabin for Mary and Adam, certain that her sight is returning. But the only colours available at the Oleson's Mercantile are purple and pink. When Mary returns, she thanks Mary and Albert for doing it for her anyway, and that it is okay her sight is not returning, as she is no worse off than before. And considering the colour they painted the cabin, Mary is almost glad she cannot see it.

    110. SOMEONE PLEASE LOVE ME March 5, 1979
    Charles faces an emotional problem when a lonely woman and her two small children turn to him in affection.

    111. MORTAL MISSION March 12, 1979
    Two men need money so they sell lamb cheaply to the residents of Walnut Grove, knowing that it might be infected with anthrax. Charles and Jonathan Garvey go out to get the medicine but a man holds them up while they are returning and steals the wagon. Charles and Jonathan follow him to his house and convince the crazed man and his wife to let them have the medicine. Many of the infected die, including the men who sold the lamb meat to the town. But all the main characters are saved with the timely arrival of the medicine.

    112. THE ODYSSEY March 19, 1979
    Albert and Laura run away from home to help their friend Dhillon, who is dying of leukemia, to realize his life long dream of seeing the ocean. They take a frieght train, and are halfway to the Pacific Ocean when Charles catches up with the trio, and he decides to take them the rest of the way.

    Season Six

    113. BACK TO SCHOOL (Part One) September 17, 1979
    There is a new teacher in Walnut Grove...Ms. Wilder. Her brother, Almonzo, is Laura's love. She schemes to have him drive her to school, and she carves their names in a tree. Everything is going fine until Nellie invites Almonzo to dinner. Laura is crushed. However, she gets back at Nellie when she volunteers to make dinner, and instead of using cinnamon in the cinnamon chicken, she uses red pepper. Nellie had said that she made the dinner, so Almonzo no longer comes near her.

    114. BACK TO SCHOOL (Part Two) September 24, 1979
    Laura has fallen in live with Almanzo and wants him to notice her. She decides to take the graduation test so that she may graduate, and therefore, appear older. She turns to Nellie for help. Nellie loans her the books she needs to study for the examination. However Nellie is still upset about the Almanzo chicken fiasco so she gives Laura the wrong study tips. Laura discovers this during the examination and fails. She confronts Nellie and they get into a fight, rolling in a big mud puddle. Almanzo seperates them and takes Laura home with him to help her clean up Nellie goes home and tells Caroline and Charles about the fight, and about Laura leaving with Almanzo. Thinking the worst, Charles drives over to his place and punches Almanzo because he believes Almanzo has taken advantage of his daughter, as Laura is dressed in Almanzo's robe while waiting for her clothes to dry. Almanzo doesn't blame Charles for wanting to protect his little girl. Laura yells at both of them and declares she is a woman not a child.

    115. THE FAMILY TREE October 1, 1979
    As an assignment, each student must trace their family tree. Albert, being adopted has no idea who his family is. Nellie and Willie give Albert a hard time, and this persuades him to go find his father. After finding his fathers grave, Charles adopts Albert and Albert now has a family to put in his family tree.

    116. THE THIRD MIRACLE October 8, 1979
    Mary saves the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child after a terrible stagecoach accident.

    117. ANNABELLE October 15, 1979
    A circus has come to town. All the children are helping set up. However, Nels is staying away from the circus. The fat lady, Annabelle, is his long lost sister. No one believes him except Harriet, who makes it very clear that she doesn't want anyone to know. Harriet makes Nels be the announcer of the circus, and as he announces the fat lady, he says, "My sister, Annabelle." These three words put the siblings back together for years to come.

    118. THE PREACHER TAKES A WIFE October 22, 1979
    Mrs. Craig likes Reverend Alden, and invites him for dinner. They want to get married but Mrs. Oleson interferes and threatens them that if they get married she will take away Reverend Alden's job. In the end, Mrs. Craig and Reverend Alden marry.

    119. THE HALLOWEEN DREAM October 29, 1979
    Albert dreams that he and Laura are captured by Indians.

    120. THE RETURN OF MR. EDWARDS Nov 5, 1979
    Charles and Laura rush to the aid of Mr. Edwards.

    121. THE KING IS DEAD November 12, 1979
    A con artist convinces Jonathan that he's good enough to become the next world champion wrestler.

    122. THE FAITH HEALER November 19, 1979
    A faith healer comes to Walnut Grove, and people prefer him over Reverend Alden and Doc Baker. It turns out that he is fake, and as a result of this, a boy dies of a ruptured appendix because the father believed in the faith healer.

    123. AUTHOR, AUTHOR November 26, 1979
    While Caroline's parents are traveling on the train from the Big Woods to Walnut Grove, Caroline's mother dies. When her father reaches the Ingall's farm, he is in so much grief that he takes to the sod house for weeks. The only person who can get him to come out is Albert, when he invites him to go fishing. While fishing, Caroline's father tells Albert stories about when he was raising his children in the Big Woods. Charles persuades him to write them down but they only problem is that the publisher wants $32.00 to publish the book. The Ingalls work very hard to raise the money, and everyone is happy when the book gets published. Caroline's Pa then returns to the Big Woods as a published author.

    124. CROSSED CONNECTIONS December 10, 1979
    Because of an eavesdropping Harriet, Jonathan Garvey learns his wife, Alice, was previously married. Angry and hurt, he punishes her with silence, and ultimately leaves. While on a delivery with Charles, Jonathan anonymously meets Alice's ex-husband and learns how he ruined his life. Jonathan realizes how much his wife means to him and returns home to ask for her forgiveness.

    125. THE ANGRY HEART December 17, 1979
    A long time ago a boy named Todd had a drunk Pa who beat him up. Now aged 17, Todd visits his grandparents in Walnut Grove. He is mean to all the residents, hits his grandfather, and finally steals Charles' watch and goes to Mankato. Charles has him put in jail overnight, and then makes him work at his farm. Todd learns his lesson and becomes nice.

    126. THE WAREWOLF OF WALNUT GROVE January 7, 1980
    Albert and Laura decide the best way to deal with the Walnut Grove's bully is to convince him that the full moon turns Albert into a dangerous warewolf.

    127. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CLASS OF '56 January 14, 1980
    Charles and Caroline go to a farmers convention where they hope to get reacquainted with old friends. There, Charles tries to convince the small farmers to stand up to the big collective farms. Caroline becomes upset when she sees how unhappy her friends have become, one of whose husband flirts with her. They are happy to leave the convention and return home to their little house full of love.

    128. DARKNESS IS MY FRIEND January 21, 1980
    It was a dark and stormy night when escaped convicts took refuge at the blind school. With Hester Sue and Adam out of town, Laura and Mary are held captives, along with the blind students. Sent to fetch a doctor, Laura gets her Pa. Charles pretends to be Doc Baker and is able to disarm the escaped convicts.
    Guest stars: Jonathan Banks (Frank of Wiseguy fame)

    129. SILENT PROMISES January 28, 1980
    A deaf boy(DF) is able to communicate when Laura teaches him sign language. He falls in-love with her and Laura pretends to love him back so as not to hurt him. However, she can't live with that lie and tells him the truth.

    130. MAY WE MAKE THEM PROUD February 4, 1980 (Two hour episode)
    During a picnic at the blind school, Albert and a friend accidentally leave a smoking pipe in the basement. Later that night, a fire erupts throughout the school. Caught and killed in the blaze are Alice Garvey and Mary's baby. Mary goes into a state of shock. Albert blames himself for the deaths but is afraid to come forward. Jonathan Garvey is having a hard time dealing with his wife's death and blames God. Charles talks to Jonathan and helps him deal with his loss. When Albert tries to comfort Mary, he brings her out of her shock. Frightened, he runs away. Jonathan finds him and is able to help Albert deal with the guilt.

    131. WILDER AND WILDER February 11, 1980
    Almanzo's youngest brother Perley) comes to Walnut Grove. Always the troublemaker, Perley breaks his promise to be good and injures one of Almanzo's best horses. Then Almanzo tries his best to save the horse and Charles gains a new respect for him. Almanzo begins to see Laura through new and interested eyes, and Laura is ecstatic.

    132. SECOND SPRING February 18, 1980
    Unable to tolerate Harriet any longer, Nels decides to travel out of town to peddle his goods. While on the road, he meets the lovely young caretaker of a boarding house, Molly Maguire. They hit it off and Nels continues to make his trips out of town. Nels kisses Molly, and gives her jewelry, telling Harriet he lost it. Then Charles catches Nels kissing Molly. In the end, Nels has to tell the truth that he is happily married...mostly happy, anyway. When Nels returns home, he and Harriet have a newfound appreciation for each other.

    133. SWEET SIXTEEN February 25, 1980
    A neighboring town is in need of a temporary teacher and Laura is given the opportunity to fill the position at Mrs. Trimble's school. Almanzo offers to drive her to the school and begins to notice how grown-up Laura was becoming. When Almanzo becomes jealous after misinterpreting a situation, Laura realizes that she finally has his affection. Almanzo gives Laura a beautiful floral scarf and finally asks her to dance. Later at a town church social at Nellie's restaurant, they open up to each other and a new romance begins to blossom.

    134. HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT (Part One) May 5, 1980
    Almanzo is totally in love with Laura and asks for her hand in marriage. Charles disapproves of the marriage and tells Almanzo to wait two years till Laura is eighteen. Almanzo doesn't want to wait and forces Laura to choose between him and her father. When she chooses to respect her Pa's wishes, Almanzo leaves town and breaks Laura's heart. Mrs. Oleson hires Percival Dalton to train Nellie in the restaurant business. Though trying to keep his temper in check, Nellie goes too far and Percival tells her off. Strangely enough, Nellie fall in-love with him. Adam learns that his father has died and he won't be able to build a new blind school in Walnut Grove. Trying to take her mind off of Almanzo, Laura helps Mary and Adam set-up the new blind school in Sleepy Eye...where she encounters Almanzo.
    Comment: Introduces Houston, a reoccurring character.

    135. HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT (Part Two) May 12, 1980
    After working many long hours, Almanzo falls ill. Laura rushes to his side and learns that he had been secretly helping with the rent for the blind school. Though seriously ill, he eventually pulls through with Laura by his side. Nellie makes an effort to learn from Percival and attract his attention. Before Percival leaves town, she reveals her love for him. In turn, he reveals his love for her and asks her to marry him. Charles, after reconsidering, tells Almanzo to wait one year to marry Laura.
    Comment: Remarkable effect Percival has on Nellie.

    Season Seven

    136. LAURA INGALLS WILDER (Part One) September 22, 1980
    Almanzo hires his friend from Sleepy Eye, Harv, to help him while he farms the land he just purchased. Eliza Jane falls in-love with Harv but is to shy to express her feelings. Laura is offered a teaching position out of town. Almanzo learns he was "boon-doggled" in the land deal and is unable to get justice.
    Guest stars: James Cromwell is Harv Miller

    137. LAURA INGALLS WILDER (Part Two) September 29, 1980
    Unable to farm the land he just purchased, Almanzo calls off wedding until he can recover his losses. He and Laura have an argument about her working and Laura decides to leave Almanzo to take the teaching position. Eliza Jane is heart-broken she learns Harv is leaving because he is in love with someone else. Realizing that she needs a change, Eliza Jane decides to leave Walnut Grove under the pretense that she and Harv were going to be married. She tells Almanzo to go after Laura now that he can have the house to himself and Laura can teach in Walnut Grove. Laura and Almanzo wed at the blind school in Sleepy Eye.

    138. A NEW BEGINNING October 6, 1980
    Jonathan and Andy Garvey move to Sleepy Eye to run a freight business. After having his business robbed more than once, Jonathan takes matter into his own hands and becomes a deputy sheriff. Andy is beaten up after Jonathan catches the leader of the teen gang that has been robbing local stores.

    139. FIGHT, TEAM, FIGHT October 13, 1980
    A former football star(FFS) moves back to Walnut Grove and becomes coach of the local football team. His desire to win to precedes all and places Albert in danger of getting seriously hurt. In the end, FFS realizes that there are more important things than winning.

    140. THE SILENT CRY October 20, 1980
    Houston takes care of two orphan brothers after they run away when the orphanage wants to separate them. Despite, his attempts to care for them, Houston is just too old. When it seems as if the brothers might be separated, Houston is able to movingly convince the adopting parents to take both boys.

    141. PORTRAIT OF LOVE October 27, 1980
    A local blind resident(LR) of Walnut Grove has a special gift for painting. When her work is publicized, her biological mother, who abandoned her as a child, tries to reconcile. LR still harbors resentments towards her biological mother and refuses to meet her. In the end, they reach an understanding when LR learns that her biological mother was going blind and abandon LR so she might grow up with a better life.

    142. DIVORCE, WALNUT GROVE STYLE November 10, 1980
    A schoolmate of Laura who fancied Almanzo returns to Walnut Grove. Laura becomes insanely jealous and leaves Almanzo when she suspects he is having an affair. Boy, is her face red when she learns she's been wrong.

    143. DEAREST ALBERT, I'LL MISS YOU November 17, 1980
    Albert begins to correspond with a pen-pal(PP). He exaggerates about himself in order to impress PP and, in time, falls in-love with the girl in the letter. What Albert doesn't know is that PP has also been exaggerating and is actually confined to a wheelchair. Charles accompanies Albert to surprise PP in-person. When PP does not want to see him, Albert thinks its because he didn't live up to his letters -- but it's actually because PP didn't live up to hers. Albert realizes this when he surprises her the next morning. He tells the truth about himself and hope they could continue an honest relationship as pen-pals.

    144. THE IN-LAWS November 24, 1980
    Almanzo and Charles go into business delivering goods to Sleepy Eye. Each convinced that he has found a quicker route, they have a contest to see who would be able to reach Sleepy Eye first. Almanzo experiences all sorts of problems with hills. Charles is unable to cross some private property. Both lose out on the contest and must cook dinner for their wives.

    145. TO SEE THE LIGHT (Part One) December 1, 1980
    After being knocked unconscious by an explosion, Adam wakes up able to see again. His regain sight allows his to experience new things and meet new people. Adam becomes interested in law and decides to become a lawyer. Mary is afraid of losing Adam but realizes that it is something he really wants.

    146. TO SEE THE LIGHT (Part Two) December 8, 1980
    Adam studies very hard for the entrance exam to law school. While in Minneapolis to take the exam, he is mugged and beaten. When he regains consciousness, he learns he has missed the exam. Mary is able to convince the proctor to make an exception for Adam. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he does well enough to get a scholarship to law school.

    147. THE LITTLE HOUSE YEARS (Three hour episode) December 22, 1980
    A retrospective featuring scenes from memorable episodes.

    148. OLESON VERSUS OLESON January 5, 1981
    There is a town referendum on defining fair property rights for married women. Though her marriage is fair. Caroline fiercely supports the referendum so other women are treated fairly. When the men of the town are reluctant to support it, Caroline convinces the women to leave their husbands. Unable to fend for themselves, the men realize that women were indeed equal partners in their relationship and vote to pass the referendum.

    149. COME, LET US REASON TOGETHER January 12, 1981
    Percival's parents come to Walnut Grove for a visit. A culture clash develops when Percival's father insist that Nellie's child follow the Jewish faith. After much shouting, an understanding is reached in which a male child would be raised Jewish and a female child, Christian. To the delight of all, Nellie has twins, a boy and a girl.

    150. THE NEPHEWS January 19, 1981
    Almanzo's brother, Royal, goes on a vacation with his wife and leaves his two rambunctious boys with the Wilders. The boys get into lots of mischief causing Laura and Almanzo much frustration.
    Comment: Breaking continuity, a completely different Royal Wilder will appear later in the series.

    151. MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE January 26, 1981
    Joe, a farmer from Walnut Grove, moves to Sleepy Eye and helps at the blind school. Fancied by Hester Sue, he attempts to win her affections. However, Hester Sue has plans to marry someone a mortician who has a more secure future than Joe. While at the blind school, Joe is able to help one the blind students deal with his disability. And that show of character convinces Hester Sue not to go through with her wedding.

    152. GOODBYE MRS. WILDER February 2, 1981
    After being pressured by Harriet Oleson to make unreasonable changes to the school curriculum, Laura quits her job. Harriet takes over as teacher and tries to teach French and art appreciation. Though admirable, Harriet is told by the school board that the new studies weren't really suitable for a small farm community. Much to the delight of the school children, Laura returns to her job.

    153. SYLVIA (Part One) February 9, 1981
    Albert falls in-love with Sylvia, a girl from school. When she is raped, her father becomes shamed and keeps it a secret. When Albert finds out Sylvia is pregnant, he thinks she has doesn't love him. Later, he learns the truth about her pregnancy and vows to take care of her and her baby despite her father who has become very protective and suspecting.

    154. SYLVIA (Part Two) February 16, 1981
    Albert's love, Sylvia, is troubled when her father has become cold and distant because he thinks she has shamed him. She runs away but is found by Albert. Seeing her unhappiness at home, he promises run away with her. When Albert goes into town for supplies, he unknowingly reveals her location to the rapist who then goes after her. The rapist is stopped but not before Sylvia is fatally injured.

    155. BLIND JUSTICE February 23, 1981
    After graduating from law school, Adam and Mary move back to Walnut Grove to start a law practice. Unfortunately, his first case is defending a land dealer accused of swindling the residents of Walnut Grove. Despite the animosity, Adam believes his client to be innocent...until he discovers otherwise. However, Adam is able to convince the jury and town to be sympathetic when he explains his client is a terminally ill man trying to provide for his family in any way he could.

    156. I DO, AGAIN Mar 2, 1981
    Caroline is devastated when she learns she can no longer have children. Charles takes her on a trip back to her home town hoping that will cheer her up. At her old house, Charles proposes to Caroline again and they renew their vows.

    157. THE LOST ONES (Part One) May 4, 1981
    While on a delivery, Charles and Albert travel with the Cooper family. When the Cooper parents are killed, Charles tries to find a home for their kids, James and Cassandra. Exhausting his leads, Charles has no choice but to send them to an orphanage. At the last moment, he changes his mind and decides to let James and Cassandra stay with temporarily.

    158. THE LOST ONES (Part Two) May 11, 1981
    James and Cassandra Cooper come to Walnut Grove to stay with the Ingalls. With Caroline's help, Cassandra comes out of her shocked state. Reverend Alden is able to find the children a home. However, their adoptive father is cold and uncaring and that prompts them run away. Charles is able to find them and decides to adopt the children himself. The little house becomes a little more crowded.

    Season Eight

    159. THE REINCARNATION OF NELLIE October 5, 1981
    We learn the Percival and Nellie will be staying in New York so Percival can run the family business after his father died. Unable to make a living in Walnut Grove, Adam and Mary move to New York so Adam can take a job at his father's law firm. Hester Sue moves back to Walnut Grove to work at the restaurant. Harriet is devastated by Nellie's absence. After talking with Cassandra, she considers adoption. In the Sleepy Eye orphanage, she and Nels find a girl, Nancy, who appears to be a young Nellie Oleson. Though reluctant to be adopted, Nancy agrees after Harriet reveals her deepest secret.

    160. THE REINCARNATION OF NELLIE (Part 2) October 12, 1981
    Much to the dismay of Willie, Nancy joins the Oleson family and promptly surpasses the legacy of Nellie Oleson when she purposefully locks a schoolmate in the icehouse. A plan is immediately formed to teach Nancy a lesson. Under the impression she would be the star of the town fair, Nancy becomes the victim in the dunk tank.

    161. GROWING PAINS October 9, 1981
    When James breaks Albert's razor, he steals one from the mercantile and is caught. Ashamed of his actions, he runs away from home. Albert is able to track him down and, after some convincing, brings James home.

    162. DARK SAGE October 26, 1981
    Doc Baker's ad for a second town doctor is answered...by a black doctor, Doctor LeDoux. Unable to accept that a black man could be doctor, Doc Baker gives Doctor LeDoux only the simplest cases. Doc Baker realizes he is wrong when Doctor LeDoux saves a pregnant mother and her newborn, a procedure that he would not have been able to do. Doc Baker makes a public apology for his ignorance and asks Doctor LeDoux to stay.

    163. A WISER HEART November 2, 1981
    On a train to meet Eliza Jane to attend a literature seminar, Laura meets another attendee(AA). AA becomes interested in Eliza Jane who is interested in the seminar professor who is interested in Laura who hates her part-time job.. Laura makes peace with Eliza Jane but has to deal with the professor when he fails her for rejecting his advances. AA has some words for the professor which leads to a fight in which AA needs to throw only one punch.

    164. GAMBINI THE GREAT November 9, 1981
    An escape artist, Gambini the Great, comes to Walnut Grove and excites the town. Wanting to learn more, Albert neglects his schoolwork to train with Gambini the Great. However, Albert learns there's more to life then thrills and excitement when Gambini the Great dies in a failed performance in a fire.

    165. THE LEGEND OF BLACK JAKE November 16, 1981
    Nels is kidnapped by two crooks (ala the Apple Dumpling Gang) and held for ransom. When Harriet refuses to pay the ransom, Nels decides to help the crooks get the money. After much trouble, the kidnapped list grows to include Doc Backer, Reverend Alden, Bill Anderson, Harriet, Charles, and Almanzo. Realizing they weren't suited for this line of work, the crooks decide to quit the business and lets everyone go. Harriet, believing Nels to be dead, faints when she sees Nels safe and sound.

    166. CHICAGO November 23, 1981
    Charles comforts Mr. Edwards when his adoptive son is killed. Not accepting the death as a simply accident, Charles, Edwards, and a big-city newspaper editor uncovers a corrupt businessman who had Edwards' son killed.

    167. FOR THE LOVE OF NANCY November 30, 1981
    An obese boy(OB) is the new kid at school and also the butt of jokes. He takes it in stride but is really hurt by it. Nancy sees this as an opportunity to use her feminine charms to get OB to bully the others. The schoolchildren go too far with the jokes and OB decides not to return to school. After seeing what Nancy was trying to do, they decide to give her a taste of her own medicine. Feeling bad about what they've done, the schoolchildren apologize for their cruelty. The truth is that they do like him, but sometimes kids will be kids.

    168. WAVE OF THE FUTURE December 7, 1981
    Under the promise of economic gain, Harriet turns the restaurant into a franchise restaurant, Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen. The terms of the franchise agreement prove to be difficult to meet but Harriet is determined to make a success of it regardless of the costs. Charles and Nels open their own restaurant in order to drive Harriet out of business, and, thus, out of the franchise agreement, returning everything to the status quo.

    169. A CHRISTMAS THEY NEVER FORGOT December 21, 1981
    Mary and Adam return to Walnut Grove for Christmas. Snowed in by a huge blizzard, they began to tell stories. Caroline talks about her step-father. Almanzo talks about his father and brother. Hester Sue talks about her parents. Laura talks a Christmas in Kansas with Mr. Edwards.

    170. NO BEAST SO FIERCE January 4, 1982
    James befriends a new kid, Gideon, at school who has a speech impediment. Without realizing Gideon was watching, James joins the other schoolchildren in making fun of him, causing Gideon to run away from home. Charles takes James with him on delivery trip hoping it would make him feel better. Meanwhile, Caroline is able to find Gideon and convince him to return home. When James returns from the trip, he apologizes to Gideon.
    Guest stars: Peter Billingsly as Gideon

    171. STONE SOUP January 18, 1982
    With Charles and Almanzo away for a few months, a pregnant Laura struggles to keep the farm from dying after a drought strikes Walnut Grove. Unable to cope with the strain, Laura suffers a heat stroke. The school children save the day when they realize that as a collective, they could do a lot of good, and they help water the trees.

    172. THE LEGACY January 25, 1982
    Wanting to leave a legacy, Charles takes a job in the city making his specially designed table. Now "man of the house", Albert fulfills his responsibilities as such by taking care of the farm. When his table designs are stolen and mass-produced, Charles returns home realizing his greatest legacy is with children's memories.

    173. UNCLE JED February 1, 1982
    An elderly relative of James and Cassandra plans to sue Charles for the custody of the two children.

    174. SECOND CHANCE February 8, 1982
    Hester Sue's ex-husband, Sam, comes to Walnut Grove. Remembering him as drinker and gambler, she wants nothing to do with him. He claims to be reform and wants to prove it to Hester Sue, Over the next few weeks, he proves to Hester Sue that he has changed. When he asks her to marry him, she accepts. However, Charles learns that Sam has still been drinking and gambling. Hester Sue learns of it when Sam's wife and kids, whom he abandoned, arrive to warn Hester Sue.

    175. DAYS OF SUNSHINE, DAYS OF SHADOW (Part One) February 15, 1982
    Almanzo suffers a stroke, and even the birth of his daughter does not cheer him up. Eliza Jane attempts to look after her brother's family and plans t move them away. The Wilder's home is destroyed by a tornado. With the help of Charles, Almanzo learns to walk again and rebuilds the house. Eliza Jane comes to realize she is too bossy, but they forgive her in the end.

    176. DAYS OF SUNSHINE, DAYS OF SHADOW (Part Two) Fenruary 22, 1982
    (See above)

    177. A PROMISE TO KEEP March 1, 1982
    Mr. Edwards continues to drown the sorrow of his son's death in alcohol. Grace Edwards is unable to deal with the situation and asks him to leave. He goes back to Walnut Grove to get his life together. However, when he learns his wife has filed for divorce and is marrying another man, he is start to drink again resulting in Albert becoming seriously injured. Charles is upset and asks him to leave Walnut Grove. However, Laura is determined to help Mr. Edwards get better. With Laura's support and guidance from Reverend Alden, Mr. Edwards is able to stop drinking and continues his life. Charles realizes that he should have been more supportive of Mr. Edwards and asks for his forgiveness. Laura and Almanzo ask Mr. Edwards to become Rose's godfather.

    178. A FARAWAY CRY March 8, 1982
    A childhood friend(CF) of Caroline asks for help when her gold prospecting camp is stricken with sickness. Doc Baker and Caroline go to the camp and set up quarantine. Caroline tries to comfort her pregnant CF through the ordeal. CF dies while giving birth but the baby survives and is switched with another couple's stillborn child.

    179. HE WAS ONLY TWELVE (Part One) May 3, 1982
    While in Sleepy Eye, James is shot during a bank robbery. With James in the hospital, Charles, Mr. Edwards, and Albert track down the robbers and brings them to justice.

    180. HE WAS ONLY TWELVE (Part Two) May 10, 1982
    James is in a coma-like state after being shot. Refusing to give up, Charles continues to cling to the idea that James will get better. The situation is stressful for the family and Charles brings James out to the woods. There Charles has a vision and builds an altar for God. Afterwards, he is visited by a mysterious old man who tells Charles not to lose hope. On a stormy night, lightning strikes the altar and the electric current shocks Charles and James. Charles awakens to find that James has miraculously recovered.

    Season Nine

    Little House: A New Begining

    181. TIMES ARE CHANGING (Part One) September 27, 1982
    The Ingalls have moved to Iowa in hopes of a better life and the Carters now reside in the Ingalls' old house. It's a tough good-bye for Charles. Laura also says good-bye when she leaves the school in the care of a new teacher, Etta Plum, and stays home to take care of her baby. Royal Wilder, Almanzo's older brother, and his daughter, Jenny, visits Walnut Grove. We learn that Royal is terminally ill.
    Comment: This Royal Wilder is completely different from the one who appeared previously.

    182. TIMES ARE CHANGING (Part Two) October 4, 1982
    Laura and Almanzo promises Royal that they will take care of his daughter. Jenny is devastated when her father dies. Wanting so much to be with him, she tries to commit suicide by drowning. Despite being unable to swim, Jeb Carter is able to pull her to safety. Later, Jenny realizes how selfish she has been and promises to make her father proud.

    183. WELCOME TO OLESONVILLE October 11, 1982
    When Harriet discover a bearer bond from Walnut Grove under the steps of an old building, she uses it to influence the town council. One "suggestion" was to rename the town, Olesonville. When she makes Nels run for mayor, the elder residents of Walnu--, er, I mean Olesonville, decide to support their own candidate. It turns out that Harriet's bearer bond has secondary claim on payments and. thus, no power. So the town says good-bye to Olesonville and welcomes back Walnut Grove.

    184. RAGE October 18, 1982
    A desperate man(DM) facing financial ruin snaps and kills his wife and daughter. While Almanzo is out with the posse looking for him, a delusional DM enters the Wilder home as if it were his own, treating Laura and Jenny as if they were his wife and daughter. Jenny is able to get help from the posse. DM steps out of the Wilder house to face the posse and is killed.

    185. LITTLE LOU October 25, 1982
    A dwarf circus performer(DCF) moves to Walnut Grove with his infant daughter, after his wife dies in childbirth. A prejudicial Harriet is able to exert her influence and prevent DCF from finding work. That forces him to revert to stealing and receive the wrath of Harriet when he is caught. When Nancy falls into a well, only DCF is able to rescue her. Harriet realizes her errors and tries to make up for it.

    186. WILD BOY (Part One) November 1, 1982
    A traveling side-show comes to Walnut Grove advertising a wild boy. The wild boy escapes and befriends Jenny and the Wilders. We learn that he is Matthew Roger, a mute boy, caged against his will, and acts wild because he is given morphine. Mr. Edwards hides Matthew but Nancy Oleson finds out and causes trouble. The side-show owner tries to regain custody but a judge rules that Matthew belongs in an institution. Mr. Edwards makes a moving statement that convinces the judge to let the case get lost in the system allowing Matthew to remain with Mr. Edwards.
    Comment: Matthew will make another appearance in a later episode.

    187. WILD BOY (Part Two) November 8, 1982
    (See above)

    188. RETURN OF NELLIE November 15, 1982
    Nellie returns to Walnut Grove for a visit. No longer the attention of the Oleson family, Nancy runs away from home. Nels and Nellie searches her and eventually finds a lost and frightened Nancy. When it seems that Nancy has finally learned her lesson, she shows she hasn't learned a thing.
    Comment: Why does everyone run away from home in this show? :)

    189. THE EMPIRE BUILDRES November 22, 1982
    Walnut Grove is excited when the railroad decides to make it the town a major depot. However, the enthusiasm is short-lived when several farmers are forced to sell their land to make way for the tracks. The law is on the of the railroad company and that causes the farmers to make a stand at the Carter farm. There they are able to make the railroad to reroute the tracks, or less take a financial loss for the delay.

    190. LOVE November 29, 1982
    Laura's childhood friend Jane Canfield from the blind school moves back to Walnut Grove and becomes very good friends with Mr. Edwards. Before undergoing an operation that will allow her to see again, she expresses her love for Mr. Edwards, who is old enough to be her father. Despite being in love with Jane as well, Mr. Edwards realizes that she would have a better life without him.

    191. ALDEN'S DILEMMA December 6, 1982
    A visiting reverend(VR) arouses the suspicions of Reverend Alden and Mr. Edwards. Reverend Alden is fearful he may lose his congregation to him. Mr. Edwards believes VR to be seducing Mrs. Carter and Laura. As it turns out, VR was sent by the archdiocese to present Reverend Alden with a new house...which Mrs. Carter and Laura help fix up. Meanwhile, John Carter and Almanzo visit San Francisco for a convention where they encounter all sorts of "big-city" problems.

    192. MARVIN'S GARDENS January 3, 1983
    Jenny suffers physical disabilities after almost drowning. Laura loses hope that Jenny will never get better. However, Jenny's friend, an elder retired doctor, Marvin Haynes, knows better than to give up and pushes Jenny to keep trying. After a few months, Jenny makes a complete recovery.
    Note: The theme to Highway to Heaven is played in this episode.

    193. SINS OF THE FATHER January 10, 1983
    Sarah Carter's father comes to Walnut Grove when her mother passes away. He attempts to bring the Carter family back with him to New York but his actions drives them further away. Despite the conflicts, Sarah and her father reach an understanding and a new respect for each other.

    194. THE OLDER BROTHERS January 17, 1983
    The criminal gang, the Older Brothers have a fearsome reputation they don't deserve. Trying desperately to live up to that reputation, they hold up Mr. Edwards but lose the money. They then ransom Mr. Edwards but also lose the money. Finally, they decide to turn themselves in so they can receive the reward for their own capture. Again, no luck.

    195. ONCE UPON A TIME January 24, 1983
    No longer a teacher, Laura uses her spare time to write a story for a book contest. When she wins, she travels to Minneapolis to sign a contract with a publisher. However, the publisher has some reservations about the story and requests some changes. When the changes become too much that the story no longer feels true to Laura, she withdraws from the contest and cancels her contract.

    196. HOME AGAIN (Two hour episode) February 7, 1983
    Now living in the big city, Charles has to deal with Albert's consistent trouble with the law. He decides to bring Albert back to Walnut Grove hoping that will help. However, Albert's attitude does not change and we learn it is because he is addicted to morphine. Suspicions of morphine addition from Doc Baker prompts Charles to confront his son. Despite promising to stop using, Albert continues to abuse morphine and becomes violent. Charles forces Albert to stop and must watch him suffer through extreme withdrawal pains. Albert survives the ordeal and is no longer addicted. With the support of his family, he fights the desire to start again.
    Comment: It is revealed the Albert goes on to medical school and returns to Walnut Grove as Dr. Albert Ingalls.

    197. A CHILD WITH NO NAME February 14, 1983
    Laura gives birth to a baby boy who appears to be healthy according to Doc Baker. However, the baby dies for no apparent reason and Laura blames the Doc. His reputation declines and he is forced to leave town. Before leaving, Rose becomes seriously ill and Doc Baker quarantines himself at the Wilders. Doing everything he can, he is able to save Rose. Laura and the town realize their misdirected anger and asks for Doc Baker's forgiveness.

    Jason Carter begins working for an elderly women, Ruthie Leighland, who treats him very well. Too nicely for Sarah Carter who thinks Ruthie is spoiling him. A little jealous of their relationship, Sarah forbids Jason from working for Ruthie. Later, Sarah learns Ruthie is dying and really valued Jason's friendship. Jason spends the rest of the summer with Ruthie and treasures her gifts after she passes away.

    199. FOR THE LOVE OF BLANCHE March 7, 1983
    After befriending a stranger, Mr. Edwards promises to take care of Blanche, a circus orangutan. Before he could find a zoo to take Blanche, Nancy Oleson causes trouble which results in Mrs. Oleson calling for the Sleepy Eye sheriff to have Blanche put to sleep. At the last second, word arrives that a zoo wants Blanche and she is spared.

    200. MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE March 14, 1983
    When a elder of friend of Laura passes away, she inherits a large house and decides to turn it into a boarding house. Upon graduation, Willie decides not to attend college and to marry his sweetheart, Rachel Brown. Of course, Mrs. Oleson, vehemently disapproves of the marriage and causes grief for everyone. When Willie learns Mrs. Oleson has upset Rachel, he stands up to his mother. Willie and Rachel get married and move into the Wilder boarding house.

    201. HELLO AND GOODBYE March 21, 1983
    Willie and Rachel are enjoying marriage. (wink) Sherwood Montague is a well-educated, well-mannered, well-connected, well-traveled man who comes to Walnut Grove to research a book he is writing. He decides to stay at the Wilder boarding house and disorients the community with his "sophisticated" peculiarities. Matthew Roger's biological father comes to Walnut Grove. Matthew does not want to hurt Mr. Edwards but eventually decides to give his father a chance and leaves town with him. Not wanting to be alone again, Mr. Edwards moves into the Wilder boarding house.
    Comment: Sherwood Montague will be a reoccurring character.

    Season Ten

    202. LOOK BACK TO YESTERDAY December 12, 1983
    Charles has to go to Walnut Grove to suggest that the farmers could share their crops,and as he doesn´t want to leave Albert in Burr Oak,he comes with him.On the way to Walnut Grove,they visit the university where Albert is planning to study.They realize that the price is very high,but Albert searches a scholarship. Back in Walnut Grove,Albert meets an old friend,Michele,and they seem to be fond of each other.Michele tells that she will go to the same university as Albert,and everything seem to be good. But Albert doesn´t feel really well.He tries to hide it,but his nose often bleeds,and finally,he gets a collapse.Dr.Baker sends him to a hospital, where the doctors tell that he is very sick. Albert decides to return to Walnut Grove and spend his last days there. He tries to live as normally as possible,but Laura is very worried about him in the beginning. Charles speaks about his suggestion,but the farmers are not positive at all.Albert stands up and tells what he thinks,and when they hear that he is sick, suddenly Charles suggestion is good(hmmm....). In the end,Albert and Laura follow the school pupils to a mountain with a place of memories.The story comes to end on the top of the mountain.

    203. THE LAST FAREWELL February 2, 1984
    The people of Walnut Grove learn that their town is built on someone's legal property and are asked to leave. Despite trying to fight the claim, they are ordered by the law to vacate the town. Before they leave, the town structures are torched and destroy so the new property owner would not make use of the town's hard work.

    204. BLESS ALL THE DEAR CHILDREN December 17, 1984
    During Christmas, Rose is kidnapped by a woman who lost her own baby and is overcome with grief. Mr. Edwards takes Laura and Almanzo to search for Rose in the city. They convince the woman to take an orphan boy in exchange, as Rose already has a family, but the orphan boy needs one.

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